Academic Excellence & Discipline

Academic Excellence & Discipline

Focus on core subjects & electives for student success in school and in life while ensuring a safe learning environment for all

For students to succeed in school and in life, emphasis must be on academics – the core subjects and electives – while ensuring a safe learning environment for all. The core subjects of English (reading & writing), math, history, and science along with physical education, the fine arts (music & drawing), and other electives build well-rounded individuals for life beyond school. The four core subjects are the anchors to learning all other subjects throughout life. For a student to function in our society beyond school, they need to be proficient in reading and writing English, be able to use a variety of math skills correctly, know history’s lessons and the value of our country and society, and be aware of the science of our world.

Teachers are hired to teach their academic subjects in their classrooms during the limited class time each day and work with each student’s abilities to help them do the best they can. Special Ed teachers are hired to understand their students’ challenges and needs while teaching them how to do the best they can. Adding additional non-academic chores to these teachers’ plates robs the students of needed learning time, which leads to learning gaps. Connected to that learning is enforcing discipline standards in the classrooms, on school buses, and at school events through administrative support.

Students can’t learn if there are constant disruptions or threatening environments, and teachers can’t focus on helping students learn if discipline is ignored and no support is given from administration. No one can focus on their job if they don’t feel safe. This is a life lesson that goes hand in hand with academics; the two are intertwined. It’s time to have someone on the York County School Board who truly understands this foundation and is willing to make sure good discipline exists in all York County schools to support academic excellence and good citizenship.

It’s time to elect Lynda Fairman to the York County School Board for District 5.