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Middle Resolution

York County has been working hard to promote a slate of candidates for this year’s general election who will bring a variety of skills and talents to this board. Collectively Lynda Fairman, Kim Goodwin and Zoran Pajevic offer their community decades of experience in education, counseling and mental health services, business experience and local leadership.…

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Gina Stevens

My support for Lynda Fairman as a candidate for the District 5 School Board position is rooted in her extensive history of commitment to York County, her proactive approach, and her unwavering dedication to enhancing the local education system. Lynda converts her genuine concern into tangible, impactful initiatives, and I am certain that she will…

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Jarome Bell 150 150 Lynda Fairman

Jarome Bell

I believe that Lynda Fairman is the ideal candidate for the York County School Board. Her dedication, experience, qualifications, and commitment to community engagement all make her an outstanding choice. I know that she will work tirelessly to ensure the success and advancement of York County schools, and I totally endorse her for the District…

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